Leffe Goldstein

Twenty-one beastly portraits.
Monochromesilk screenprints.

Bekend om zijn uitgesproken gebruik van sterke geometrische vormen en supervlakke esthetiek.
Goldsteins stijl wordt beïnvloed door zijn reizen in Japan, popcultuur, anime en manga en zijn betrokkenheid bij de underground kunstscene. Echo’s uit de avant-gardistische ontwerpstijl uit de jaren twintig en dertig zijn duidelijk zichtbaar in de stijl van Goldstein. In de virtuele expo toont hij een serie monochrome zeefdrukken met de titel Twenty-one beastly portraits en twee korte animaties.

Leffe Goldstein likes watching animals in wild and urban environments.

“I enjoy spending time around my furry friends. Their honesty and instincts are fascinating. If only they could speak.”

He says with a smile. These new screen prints in monochrome are an exercise in working with curves. The strong, minimal lines create a bold, graphic vocabulary; a universal alphabet of animalian characters, with individual attitudes and personalities. Combining the mathematical precision of vector art with his love of nature proved inspiring.“I was intrigued by what happened when I made one tiny, directional shift or removed one line or detail. Somehow, the personality of the animal is revealed even more as detail is stripped away. Once I’d started, I just kept experimenting until I got what I wanted.

”Wicked and furry they may be. Fluffy they f***ing ain’t.

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Half the profit goes to dB’s so they finally can afford a decent piece of carpet for the former smoking room, they need it badly!