Monk, Škorić and Monk, Anticlan & What The Cat Dragged In

December 8, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
€6 vvk / €8 deur
Monk, Škorić and Monk, Anticlan & What The Cat Dragged In
Monk, Škorić and Monk
Vanita and Johanna Monk are musicians, writers, and visual and performance artists based in Rotterdam. Vanita’s seven-decade musical journey has been one of ongoing sonic radicalization, from classical piano to elemental vocals and industrial guitar noise. Johanna’s playing (clarinets, saxophones, little instruments and electronics) combines the drive and invention of the avant-garde with a melodic sensibility that betrays her roots in folk music. Together they have also continued to develop new ways of unifying prose, poetry and storytelling with creative music and visual performance. They regularly collaborate together within other settings, notably in the feminist noise trio Boterklontje (with Linda Nijboer), and various improv projects notably featuring leading drummers and percussionists. In this case that’s Aleksander Škorić from Groningen.
What The Cat Dragged In
What The Cat Dragged In (born in DBs) consists of Jan Schellink (guitar, bass, keyboard, drum pad….), Stuart Boardman (Reeds) and VIC (the very special instant composing machine). Usually noisy, sometimes funky, sometimes punky, sometimes even quiet. Everything is 100% live and improvised.
Anticlan is a trio based in Rotterdam, consisting of Hugo Costa (alto sax), Josué Amador (guitar) and Philipp Ernsting (drums).
The trio plays fully improvised, adventurous music that grows organically and spontaneously, sometimes intensely and with distorted guitar rock, inflected riffs and explosive sax and drums. At other times it will be subtle, quiet and contemplative, thereby creating and building different moods.