Devoted to Drone presents JARBOE + support

May 14, 2021 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Devoted to Drone presents JARBOE + support

Het concert dat oorspronkelijk in rampjaar 2020 gepland stond gaat naar 14 mei 2021. Gekochte tickets blijven geldig. Until then, stay healthy & strong!

Thrilled to present this #12 Edition of the Devoted to Drone Series:
Powerful sonic pulses, meditative flows, overwhelming beauty within darkness, Drones of unreal weirdness.

From the New York’s No Wave scene and after her groundbreaking work with the US post-punk and avant-rock ensemble Swans, Jarboe has continued to wander dark paths, always challenging the audience as well as herself with explorations of the human voice.
Gospel blues beater, spiritual chanting or screeching sorceress, Jarboe has drawn before unknown guidelines in extreme music.
In April 2020 she will release the new album “Illusory” (Consouling Sounds – Amenra,Storm of Light-).
Together with Veil of Thorns eclectic guitarist P. Emerson Williams on stage, she will perform playing keyboards for the first time in many years.
P. Emerson Williams

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