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Let’s go out with a BANG!
The end is here folks! The world’s going to hell and we’re sharpening our axes for one final bout of folk punk frenzy on its ashes. The date is Friday June 17, the place is dB’s, the dress-code is dancing boots and girly kilts. The apocalypse has never looked better!
See you there!
Circle J out.
So glad these guys will join us:
The Barleycorn Bastards are a five-piece folk-punk formation from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. They play a mix of traditional folk tunes and raw punk sound, as well as their own repetoire, combining a steady background of drums, bass and guitar with the melodics of banjo, bagpipes and tin whistle. Dance, stagger, crawl or simply fall over, but don’t even try standing still.


17 juni
8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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