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After two years of forced hibernation, Black Earth Festival is back with known, unknown, ear-splitting, sombre and atmospheric sounds.
To our devotees we bring an offering forged by multiple hands. Two of our favourite musical blacksmiths from the doomed city of Utrecht will curate part of the Black Earth Festival programme this year:  Throwing Bricks and Doomstad!
It was at a Black Earth ‘Screamo Night’ that we first hosted Throwing Bricks in 2017. A powerful, desperate and rip-roaring flood of screamo, hardcore, black metal and rage. Since then much has changed, the band has grown and drifted along various paths. Our admiration, respect and love for this bunch and their shows beats strong.
We are thrilled to have Throwing Bricks curate part of the programme for our Black Earth Festival. What to expect on Friday at dB’s: bruised, blistered and scarred souls, elevated by music.
“The ceremony opened in a room filled with a cloud of incense. A chant invoked the darkness of autumn in an unknown language…
The sound of which subsequently never left our memories.”


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Door ticket prices:
dB’s  —- 16,00 euro
EKKO— 16,00 euro
Moira — 16,00 euro


28 oktober
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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