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VULVA is a sludge/garage punk duo from Rotterdam consisting of Kim Hoorweg (bass/vocals) and Nadya van Osnabrugge (drums/vocals) and concurrently one of the most promising new acts hailing from Rotterdam. Both musicians have an expansive background in music, and therefore the primal sounds of VULVA often takes on special, original forms: from atmospheric, slow-burning tensions to expressive garage punk skirmishes. VULVA kick against the established order in any way imaginable: with gravity, humor, activism, pain and violence.
Hailing from Argentina, Turkey, the UK and the Netherlands, Karnabahar bonded over their shared love of angry, fast and loud music. Inspired by Balkan and other traditional folk songs, this international outfit is ready to deliver some mind ripping screamo.
ACHE is a Dutch sludge/doom duo from the Netherlands, formed in December 2018. It consists of M. on guitar and G on drums and vocal duties.
Ache’s power and energy comes from rage. Rage of the purest, most unapologetic and relentlessly misanthropic variety. The two are angry. Very angry. This anger manifests in slow and incredibly heavy songs. M.’s gritty but melodic guitar is accompanied by G.’s primitive drumming and guttural growls.
With a penchant for intenste and cathartic live performances characterised by the duo’s extreme energy and often accompanied by a mysterious, hallucinogenic visual show, Ache has quickly made a name for themselves as a must-see act. Having released their well received debut album “The Unbeatable Defects of Humanity”, the band is sure to be making big waves in the near future. The message is clear: “Fuck the spineless horde!”


1 september
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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