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01 jan
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Footprints in the Void

16.00 / € 7.00 Tickets

dB’s organiseert in samenwerking met Footprints in the Void een matinee vol met heavy muziek.

Dead in the Dirt, maakt Vegan Straight Edge grindcore. De debuurplaat is net uit op Southern Lord en dit is wat ze er daar over zeggen: ‘The DITD sound takes cues from His Hero Is Gone, Drop Dead, (old) Napalm Death etc.. to horrifically relentless levels of blasting intensity. It is not very often that a new band can simultaneously and effectively spew forth such filthy chaos in a controlled manner. It is also rare that recordings from bands in this scene/genre display such clear and concise production values. This is literally one of the heaviest and most brutal recordings that has come out in recent times!’

Slavebreed komt uit Athene, Griekenland. Griekenland! En maakt grindcore en death metal met Crust en Hardcore invloeden.


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CAB Rondom 100
3534 BE Utrecht